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Interact Club

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L. Bain

Interact Club

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Purpose: To provide young people the opportunity to gain a better understanding of leadership and citizenship by working on projects that will benefit their community and their world. 

Criteria: Club will be limited to 30 members of which 9 will be 12th graders, 8 will be 11th graders, 8 will be 10th graders, and 5 at-large. Student must have an 85 average the previous semester. The student must posses leadership skills and good citizenship qualities.

Membership: Sponsor will screen grades for potential members. Potential members will be invited to a meeting where they will be informed about the purpose and requirements of Interact. Any student still interested may fill out an application. The student will also have a rating sheet of personal traits filled out by 3 teachers of their choice. The teachers will deliver these back to the sponsor. From this pool of applicants, a group will be chosen to be in Interact.

Requirements: Maintain an 85 average. If not, he/she will be put be on probation for one semester. IF the average is not brought up, the student will be dismissed from membership in Interact. Students must attend 60% of meetings. The club will adopt a project each semester. Students must be involved in the project. Any student in violation of any school rules as stated in the handbook resulting in a suspension, will be dismissed from the club.