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Student Council

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Purpose: Maintain a high standard of conduct and honor for the school, to promote cooperation in school  activities, to further understanding between students and faculty, and to develop more leadership in individuals. 

Membership: The membership of the Corinth High School Students Council shall consist of the following: a president, a secretary, and a treasurer; a number of representatives set at four from each class; and the class officers of president, vice-president, and secretary-treasurer from the 12th, 11th, 10th, and 9th grades. The Student Council officers must have maintained an 85 average the previous semester to qualify. Class officer candidates must have maintained an 85 average the previous semester. Representatives need to have maintained a 75 average to qualify. any student desiring to run fro a Council office should file an application according to directions. Voting will take place according to the by-laws of the Student Council Constitution. 


2012-2013 Student Council

President - Neal Lancaster

Vice President - 

Secretary - Hayden Park

Treasurer - Katie Jones 



President: Savannah Smith

Vice President: Zach Marlar

Secretary-Treasurer: Chylencia Phelan

Representatives: Kyoshi Agnew



President: Holley Marshall

Vice President: Hack Smith

Secretary-Treasurer: Nakia Strickland

 Representatives: Kathryn Knippers, Ashley McClamroch, Anna Kate Tomlinson



President: Sylvia Barreto

Vice President: 

Secretary-Treasurer: Lizette Martinez

Representatives: Hunter Avent, Millie Hill, Claire Smith 



President: Shyna Dilworth

Vice President: Victoria Smith

Secretary-Treasurer: Andy Clausel

Representatives: L'Zareya Shields, Ben Tucker, Tamara Tyes