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Cambridge Testing Dates Spring 2019
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Friday, November 16, 2018
Cambridge Assessment International Education
Cambridge Assessment International Education

Cambridge Assessment International Education 

AM - Key Time 12:00  PM- Key Time 4:00

Exams are listed by subject


AICE Art and Design Controlled Test 01 Jan 19 - 05 Jun 19 - 15h 
AICE Art and Design Coursework A 30-Apr-19 - -
AICE Biology AS Level Structured Questions 23 15-May-19 PM 1h 15m
AICE Biology Advanced Practical Skills 35 21-May-19 PM 2h 
AICE Biology Multiple Choice 13 14-Jun-19 PM 1h 
AICE Digital Media & Design Externally Set Assignment 01 Jan 19 - 30 Apr 19 - 10h 
AICE Digital Media & Design Portfolio 30-Apr-19 - -
AICE English General Paper Essay 13 2-May-19 PM 1h 15m
AICE English General Paper Comprehension 23 6-May-19 PM 1h 45m
AICE English Language Passages 13 3-May-19 PM 2h 15m
AICE English Language Writing 23 10-May-19 PM 2h 
AICE Environmental Management Centre-based Assessment 30-Apr-19 - -
AICE Environmental Management Paper 11 29-May-19 AM 1h 30m
AICE Environmental Management Paper 21 31-May-19 AM 1h 30m
AICE Global Perspectives & Research Written Examination 11 10-May-19 AM 1h 30m
AICE Global Perspectives & Research Essay 31-May-19 - -
AICE Global Perspectives & Research Team Project 31-May-19 - -
AICE History (American & European) Document Question 11 3-May-19 AM 1h 
AICE History (American & European) Outline Study 21 8-May-19 AM 1h 30m
AICE Information Technology Practical 24 Apr 19 - 24 Apr 19 - 2h 30m
AICE Information Technology Theory 11 7-May-19 AM 1h 45m
AICE Literature in English Poetry & Prose 33 16-May-19 PM 2h 
AICE Literature in English Drama 43 23-May-19 PM 2h 
AICE Literature in English Shakespeare & Other Pre 20th Century Texts 53 3-Jun-19 PM 2h 
AICE Literature in English 1900 to the Present 63 6-Jun-19 PM 2h 
AICE Marine Science AS Structured Questions 11 29-Apr-19 AM 1h 30m
AICE Marine Science AS Data-Handling and Free-Response 21 30-Apr-19 AM 1h 15m
AICE Mathematics Pure Mathematics 11 2-May-19 AM 1h 45m
AICE Mathematics Pure Mathematics 21 9-May-19 AM 1h 15m
AICE Media Studies Foundation Portfolio 30-Apr-19 - -
AICE Media Studies Key Media Concepts 23 24-May-19 PM 2h 
AICE Sociology The Family 11 13-May-19 AM 1h 30m
AICE Sociology Theory and Methods 21 23-May-19 AM 1h 30m
AICE Spanish Language Speaking 01 Apr 19 - 01 Jun 19 - 20m
AICE Spanish Language Reading & Writing 21 9-May-19 AM 1h 45m
AICE Spanish Language Essay 31 17-May-19 AM 1h 30m
AICE Thinking Skills Critical Thinking 21 14-May-19 AM 1h 45m
AICE Thinking Skills Problem Solving M/C 11 7-Jun-19 AM 1h 45m
IGCSE American History (US) Paper 01 6-May-19 AM 2h
IGCSE American History (US) Paper 02 13-May-19 AM 1h 45m
IGCSE Biology Alternative to Practical 63 2-May-19 PM 1h 
IGCSE Biology Practical 2-May-19 PM 1h 15m
IGCSE Biology Theory (Extended) 43 14-May-19 PM 1h 15m
IGCSE Biology Multiple Choice (Extended) 23 14-Jun-19 PM 45m
IGCSE Chemistry Theory (Extended) 43 3-May-19 PM 1h 15m
IGCSE Chemistry Alternative to Practical 63 16-May-19 PM 1h 
IGCSE Chemistry Practical 16-May-19 PM 1h 15m
IGCSE Chemistry Multiple Choice (Extended) 23 7-Jun-19 PM 45m
IGCSE First Language English (US) Coursework Portfolio 04 30-Apr-19 - -
IGCSE First Language English (US) Reading Passages (Extended) 23 7-May-19 PM 2h 
IGCSE History (World) Coursework 30-Apr-19 - -
IGCSE History (World) Paper 11 8-May-19 AM 2h 
IGCSE History (World) Paper 21 17-May-19 AM 2h 
IGCSE Literature (English) (US) Coursework Portfolio 30-Apr-19 - -
IGCSE Literature (English) (US) Prose and Poetry 15-May-19 AM 1h 30m
IGCSE Literature (English) (US) Drama 23-May-19 AM 45m
IGCSE Mathematics (US) Paper 21 (Extended) 2-May-19 AM 1h 30m
IGCSE Mathematics (US) Paper 41 (Extended) 9-May-19 AM 2h 30m
IGCSE Physics Alternative to Practical 63 9-May-19 PM 1h 
IGCSE Physics Theory (Extended) 43 22-May-19 PM 1h 15m
IGCSE Physics Multiple Choice (Extended) 23 12-Jun-19 PM 45m


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